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We appreciate your reservation, and we thank you for choosing Villa OPPA.

To complete your reservation, please fill in the following information:

* Your reservation will be confirmed following an advance payment of 10% of the transaction amount.

Guest name (full name):   Mobile phone:

Arrival date: Departure date:   No. of nights:

Number of guests: Number of children:   Age(s):

Address:   Email:

  • Check-in at Villa OPPA is at 15:00; Check-out is at 11:00. On Saturday, check-out is at 16:00.
  • Any late check out must be coordinated with us in advance and includes an additional payment of 250 ILS per hour.
  • Any additional guest over 16 guests in the Villa will be charged 250 ILS per guest per night.
  • Guarantee: please send your credit card information via WhatsApp to guarantee payment after signing.

Terms of Payment:

Payment will be made in full upon arrival at the Villa.

Payment will be made in cash (according to the Cash Law), or by bank transfer.

No refunds will be given to guests who decide to shorten their stay at the Villa.

Advance payment:

Upon placing the order, 10% of the total cost will be paid by bank transfer to the account of Revital Ofir, Bank Mizrahi Tefahot, branch 420, account no. 595220

Villa OPPA – Terms of Reservation

Cancellation terms:

The Consumer Protection Law permits the cancellation of the reservation within 14 days from the date of making the reservation or receiving confirmation of the reservation (whichever is later), with a charge of 5% of the value of the reservation or 100 ILS (whichever is lower). However, if a cancellation notice is given by the customer within 14 days from the date of making the reservation or receiving confirmation of the reservation (whichever is later), but within 7 working days or less from the date of the ordered accommodation, you will be charged the full cost of the reservation. Cancellation fees will be charged to the credit card you provided when you made your reservation.

Reservations cancelled over 14 days after the date of the reservation will be charged as follows:

If you cancel your reservation up to 31 days before the date of your stay, the deposit will be refunded in full. If you cancel your reservation between 30 days to 20 days before the date of your stay, you will be charged the cost of the deposit, 10% of the transaction. If you cancel your reservation between 19 days and 7 days before the date of your stay, you will be charged 50% of the reservation value.

Cancellation fees during “high season” and special occasions:

In case of any cancellation during the months of July and August, holidays or holiday eves, including Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot (the “high season”), where the reservation was made in full via “remote sale” as defined in the Consumer Protection Law, any cancellation over 14 days will be charged the full cost of the reservation.

If you cancel your reservation within 24 hours from making the reservation – the deposit will be returned in full.

Cancellation due to COVID-19

In the event of any cancellation due to a national quarantine due to the coronavirus – the guest will not be charged for the cost of the accommodation – and the deposit will not be returned.

A cancellation notice can be provided via one of the following options:

By email: vilaoppa@gmail.com

By WhatsApp: +972-52-2927705

Cancellation due to Security Situation:

  • A security situation refers to war by its definition. And as long as there is an order on behalf of the state to avoid vacationing on the coastal plain.
  • Force majeure including a security crises or natural disaster.

The accommodations in the Villa include:

Each guest will receive one set of a large towel and hand towel – and when the pool is open, a large pool towel and a pool mat for any stay of up to 3 nights.

Guests staying more than 3 nights will receive a new set of towels on the fourth day.

Guests staying for more than a week – will receive general cleaning and change of sheets and towels after 6 nights as well as replenishment of products in the kitchen.

The Villa has hanger facilities for drying towels.

In the Villa you will also find sugar, black coffee, 10 espresso capsules, sweetener, tea, watercooler and espresso machine, 7 dishwasher tablets, 6 trash bags, 2 dish sponges, 4 dish towels, dishwashing liquid.

Upon request, Shabbat observants may receive a samovar and a Shabbat plate.


  • Changing/supplying a complete set of towels for all guests (up to 16 guests) - 500 ILS per set.
  • Extra change of towels for any guests over 16 guests – 32 ILS per guest.
  • Change of towels and sheets and bathroom cleaning – 2000 ILS per accommodation
  • Cleaning services during your stay – 150 ILS per hour.
  • 10 additional espresso capsules – Italian coffee combo – 20 ILS.
  • 10 additional dishwasher tablets – 20 ILS.
  • Extras must be coordinated before your stay.

Rules of conduct in the Villa:

  • Smoking is absolutely forbidden in the Villa, in the rooms and in the inside areas. A guest who violates the above will be charged an additional fee of 2500 ILS (not including VAT) for the cost of cleaning the curtains, sofa, mattress, bed and general cleaning.
  • Animals are not allowed in the Villa! Animals may enter the Villa only after obtaining special permission from the Villa management.
  • Do not light a fire anywhere in the complex except in the barbecue, which cannot be moved!
  • Loud music is prohibited, and therefore no speakers are allowed. Music may be played in the complex in accordance with the law without speakers until 22:00.
  • You may not tamper with the electrical/communication products in the Villa, including by reconfiguring or disconnecting them without permission. We are here at your service for any question in this regard.
  • The equipment in the complex must be kept in good condition, including the pool and the equipment in and around the pool, electrical devices, textile products, kitchen utensils, and more.
  • You will be charged the full amount of any damage recklessly or intentionally caused to the complex.
  • Inviting guests who are not included in the reservation is prohibited and constitutes a breach of the terms of the reservation.

Rules of conduct in the pool:

The use of the pool is solely the responsibility of the guests! Parents are responsible for their children while bathing in the pool at their own risk and must supervise them. Children under 18 must be supervised by an adult over the age of 18. You must behave in the pool area in accordance with the rules of conduct in the pool. The use of the playground is the sole responsibility of the parents and under their supervision.

  • The pool is heated from October to the end of November and from the beginning of March to May.

You may enter the pool with a bathing suit only, no other type of clothing is allowed! Babies must wear a water diaper. You may only use the pool during your stay. The pool has a perimeter fence that you must make sure to close when you leave the pool.

  • Failure to observe these rules will entitle the owners to terminate the guests’ stay immediately and collect the full cost of the vacation.

Order name (full name): Passport No.:   date:


Contact Information:

Phone: +972-52-2927705 Revital | Email: vilaoppa@gmail.com | Address: 16 Derech Hayam, Pardes Hana

  • By signing in writing via WhatsApp, the guest hereby confirms the above.

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